How the EdTech Industry is Transforming the Learning Environment

How the EdTech Industry is Transforming the Learning Environment

‘Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.’ – UNICEF 

January 25, 2021 marks the International Day of Education under the theme ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’. It is important now more than ever before to power education by stepping up international cooperation and solidarity to place education and lifeline learning at the center of recovery.

In the last decade we have witnessed an explosion of new educational technologies (EdTech), with companies and educational institutions touting amazing learning potential for the new generation of students. 

The EdTech sector is constantly marketing these new innovations in which teaching and learning technology (TLT), has the ability to teach both traditional content (science, math, history), as well as intra- and interpersonal competencies, such as teamwork and leadership skills.

One of the most heavily marketed, exciting and even controversial applications of EdTech involves what is typically characterized as ‘personalized learning’ – a varied educational program where different students are exposed based on how big data applications have evaluated their likely learning profiles.

what comprises the Edtech industry?

The fusion of technology and technology is paving the way for a better and more inclusive future. As such, education technology makes learning easier, much more streamlined, and even fun.

The rise of new technological developments within the learning industry has gained the interest from those not just within the educational sector, but from investors and business leaders alike. 

What is Edtech and its impact on learning and costs?

EdTech is becoming an increasingly discussed topic among educators, parents and scholars around the world. The learning environment has broadly remained the same for hundreds of years but new technology and societal pressures are changing that. 

The term ‘EdTech’ refers to educational technology that is being used to help educators and schools facilitate and aid in their teaching to students in new and fascinating ways. In other words, EdTech is the use of any form of technological process to improve education. 

It is important to note that EdTech is not simply implementing technological devices in the classroom and handing out laptops to students. Rather, you should think of EdTech as using digital technology as a medium to facilitate and deliver a new form of learning architecture. 

In other words, a new learning architecture has the ability for educators to deliver personalized learning and training to their students based on the individual’s learning needs. And now more than ever, new technologies are now utilizing the potential of big data analysis to understand the most effective ways for students to progress.

In an age of increasing accountability and diminishing budgets, school districts and educators are constantly trying to balance and demonstrate efficient use of finite resources to deliver the best possible education to their students. 

online learning in the time of covid-19 crisis

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the World Health Organization declaring it as a pandemic shook the entire world. This situation challenged the education system across the world and forced institutions and educators to completely change how to teach. 

For those academic institutions that were initially reluctant to adopt online teaching methods and kept their traditional pedagogical approach has no option but to shift completely to online learning-teaching. 

To find new solutions for our problems, we must be more open to embracing some much-needed innovations and change. If there’s one thing the crisis has shown us is that we have no other alternative left other than adapting to the dynamic situation and accepting the change. For one, it will be beneficial for the education sector to see firsthand the types of surprising innovations coming out of the EdTech industry.

How does Edtech help students and teachers?

There are thousands of EdTech tools that enhances both the student and teacher experience. EdTech tools can consist of using virtual technology (VR) devices that help students visualize a concept or an idea while also providing an immersive experience. On the other hand, EdTech tools can consist of data science-based platforms that utilize big data and analytics to help teachers identify learning habits so that they can subsequently create personalized lesson plans for each student. 

ncreased Collaboration

Cloud-based technology and tools are fostering collaboration in the classroom. Tablets and laptops are now making it easier for students to engage with learning games and online lessons while working together. Cloud technology also allows students to easily upload their assignments digitally which makes it easier for both the student and teacher to converse about homework or any help they may need. 

24/7 Access to Learning 

IoT devices are making it easier for students to access information anytime, anywhere. By having full access to the classroom in a digital environment using Wi-Fi and cloud access, allows students to work on their assignments and study at their own pace. It is no longer necessary to be physically present in a classroom to have access to all the information students need to move forward. 

Specifically, we use concrete data that scans the startup and small business ecosystem to find the best opportunities companies are searching for. By integrating a workflow solution allows for the people within an organization to work towards a common vision for the company and ultimately drive future growth. 

As we have seen in recent years, the number of new business models are becoming increasingly popular and disrupting various industries on a global scale. These new innovative business models are spawning new innovative ideas that are disrupting the marketplace and it is up to companies to be prepared to minimize the impact of these disruptions and to capitalize on important opportunities. 

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