WordPress is a online platform where you can get some space to create a perfect website for your hobbies or business. This is world’s largest website platform where you can make any type of websites free and secure, although you have to pay if you want to hire a developer for your website coding. Today’s world of business is extremely competitive. This makes it essential for every business owner to understand the best ways for them to promote their business. The overall goal is to get their brand name out there so consumers can see what their particular company is all about. But how to go about doing this? What is it exactly that a business needs to do in order to ensure they can stand out from their competition?

There is more than millions of of themes and plugin that can give you ideas to make more comfortable website for your business or blogs. you can make any types of website like photography portfolio or business co operative or blogs or personal etc, even you can make social networking type too. This is like a computer hardware, the work is based on what types or os or software you want to install.

The fact that the high majority of consumers will first look online before making a purchase makes it necessary for every business owner to have an online presence. This includes having a website, as well as using other options, like Social Media. The most successful business owners are the ones who have a website that clearly explains who they are and what they have to offer.

But how does one go about setting up a brand new business website? Especially if they don’t have any previous website experience? Good question! There’s a lot to know when it comes to utilizing a particular platform that can support a business’ website. And there are a few platforms from which to choose from. One of the easiest platforms for any business to utilize is WordPress.

Because understanding how to best use a website platform can be overwhelming, here is some beneficial information on the basics of using WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular platforms business owners use today. It’s now estimated that more than 75 million websites are using a WordPress platform. One of the main reasons why business owners should choose WordPress to host their business website is because it’s extremely affordable. And because it’s a software that allows anyone to publish their own content, it’s easy for them to promote themselves exactly how they want to be perceived.

There are many other reasons why WordPress is a preferred platform, including ease of use, customization options, huge community support, mobile friendly options, and more.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
Yes, there are two different varients of WordPress. The main difference between the two is that one is a SAAS version, while the other is a self-hosted version.

WordPress.org: Choosing WordPress.org means the user will need to download the software, and then install it into the web server, don’t worry most of the hosting providers now offer one click install for it. WordPress.org is an open source blogging software, which means that although it’s free to use, the business will need to fully manage it.

WordPress.com: Choosing WordPress.com means that there’s no need to download any software, pay for any website hosting, or worry about how to manage the web server. This is all taken care of by the WordPress.com team. This may be a good choice for startel level personal blogger who do not need root level controll over their site. Because WordPress.com is a hosted version of WordPress.org, it means this version is automatically updated.

WordPress – Pros and Cons of Each

With each WordPress platform comes pros and cons. This makes it a good idea for every business to fully understand their goals when it comes to choosing the best WordPress platform for their business. For example WordPress.com is free for basic users but you need to pay if you need even little customization or a custom theme. On other hand WordPress.org software is free to use but you need to signup for a hosting.

How WordPress Can Help Any Business

There are many ways that a WordPress platform can help a business find the success they’re looking for these days. The main advantage that comes with choosing WordPress is the ability for any business to have full control over their posted content. Having a company website that informs visitors on everything there is to know about said company is simply a must, and WordPress makes this easy to do.

The following are a few specific ways in which any business can use WordPress to help them reach their goals.

.    Blog:  Fully supports a company blog, which is one of the best ways for any company to promote themselves nowadays.
.    SEO:  WordPress plug-ins are available that help users understand and utilize the best SEO methods. WordPress have lots of SEO plugins.
.    User Friendly:  Because WordPress is so easy to manage, anyone in the company can be trained to use WordPress.
.    Mobile Friendly:  The fact that more people are using their smart phones and laptops to access the web every single day means that there’s a need for a mobile web. WordPress Responsive themes supports this need.

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