Website is more important for your business than capital. Strange but true. Having a website can build your brand or more clients or more sales. Imagine a scenario, someone mailed you about their product and you saw the email id they are using is [email protected] and another same email from [email protected] . Which one you’ll prefer? Of course the email with more professional email id. Here is some list that can make you understand why you need a website no matter you are running business like 😀 or selling food in the street .

Creating Brand Online

With creating website you are actually building a brand online. Many large companies are constantly making ads in tv or online to promote their while as your business is small you can do it by just creating your website. Suppose you are running  a food center and someone  passing by just told to his friend that do you know that food center has its own website? the friend will surely reply oh wow that’s awesome.  Customers first look for website , in recent studies it shows that customers always look for website when you are getting little popularity.

Review help you to make strategy

Every website nowadays has one option for taking some reviews or suggestion from customers. This will help you to make your business more stable. If you are buying TV online then what you do first? checking reviews or your bank balance? 😀 checking reviews of course. This is how TV seller making more sales. Review spaciously online helps you getting more sales and customers for your business. If you are running hardware business and someone is not so interested in buying with you then you are give them the review page of your website so that he can check how customers are happy with you. Nowadays reviews option is available on many social networking website such as facebook or search engine google, You can also implement these reviews from these places to your website, this makes reviews more strong.

Create More Specific Business

Website contents can that can help customers to get brief information about your business. In other word they can feel your business. In upper image you can check how a NGO website getting its feeling from visitor with just a simple image. You can put some delicious food images if you are running food business or putting images of wonderfull houses if you are builder. So that visitor can feels good whenever they visit your website and said “Umm! This is what I want” :p

Website creation now free

Nowadays opening website is free almost. Signup for an account with and  get everything done with wordpress. However this needs some technical knowladge. Or you can also hire some one to do your website.

Make money while you sleep

Website comes these days are operating 24×7 unless your host sucks :/ . With online payment method you can sell online 24 hours no matter what you are doing. Suppose you are selling sarees online. If you create a website and upload your products then customers can check products at your websites and order there. No need to send them images into Whatsapp or massanger what you are doing now 😀

Be better than your competitor

Everyone has a website now. Time changes , facebook or intagram pages can’t reach more audience than website. Every business has its own website like or . You have to be fast and act now or it’ll be too late for you. If you search online with “Hardware provider” then you can get thousands of website selling hardware online and getting good customers. Why not you? 🤨

Attract more customers

With good SEO you can get only local customers for your business also international customers 😉 Yes. In my 7+ years of online business most customers I get is international through Google and other search engine. Imagine you are getting orders of 100+ sarees for a international fashion contest. SEO is nothing but focusing on good keywords like “Good indian sarees” or “Quality sarees online” in your website.

Make website or It’ll be too late

Hire any website designer or it’ll be very late for your business. In conclusion I’ll say now every thing is digital. If you need any grocery or gold you can get all things via online. People are selling everything online via website or marketplace. Why don’t you?

Have any question about this? feel free to comment or email to [email protected] , I always reply every comment or email.


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